Provider Volunteers at Pathways

Our Provider volunteers are highly skilled healers with a passion for the work they do and the people they serve.  All provider volunteers must have the following prerequisites:

  • Has experience working with and accommodating people in vulnerable circumstances who are facing a health crisis
  • Has no less than 100 hours working in the specific modality offered at Pathways
  • Is professionally trained and/or certified
  • Has a heart connection with Pathways healing approach and an ability to articulate personal healing philosophy
  • Embraces the spiritual aspects of healing while being comfortable in a non-religious environment
  • Actively practices the modality offered at Pathways

The Next Steps

If you have the necessary provider pre-requisites and feel that Pathways is a good fit for your gifts and healing skills, we invite you to take the next steps in becoming a Provider Volunteer:

  1. Complete the Provider Application Form

A staff member will review completed applications; You will be updated within 3 weeks of your application submission as to your next steps.

  1. Interviews with staff and provider team
  2. Attend a New Provider Orientation
  3. Background Check
  4. Classes and/or individual submission for next the calendar
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