About Renewing Life™

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Renewing Life™ is a unique approach that combines the best of emotional support groups and educational programs offering a variety of healing techniques enabling participants to discover what assists them on their healing journey.  It is an intensive 8 week program designed to empower participants living with a life threatening or chronic physical illness.  Renewing Life™ invites people to live authentically, using practical tools which support and encourage individuals to view illness as an opportunity for spiritual and emotional growth.

Renewing Life™ Objectives:

  • Become an active agent in your healing process
  • Learn communication techniques to enhance relationships with yourself and significant others
  • Utilize stress recognition and reduction techniques
  • Recognize how the mind, body, and spirit connection affects illness and healing
  • Enhance individual problem solving skills and develop a peer support system
  • Become aware of and seek out other support services as needed
  • Develop a wellness lifestyle that includes a purpose for life, a satisfaction in living, and a sense of joy
  • Discover inner wisdom and self-authenticity

Renewing Life™ Beliefs

  • Miracles happen, and they are plentiful
  • Any crisis can be used as an opportunity for personal growth and renewal
  • Renewing Life™ can enhance intuitive healing and help one discover their healing path
  • Healing is more than a physical cure
  • Healing can involve letting go of habits and beliefs as well as developing new skills
  • Activities and decisions either enhance or drain life energy
  • Statistics are not you
  • Support is a lot more than having a lot of people around you
  • Having a sick body does not prevent a person from contributing, teaching, participating, growing spiritually and mentally, having quality in life, living well
  • Expressing negative emotions can be healing
  • It is possible to live in fearful circumstances and not be controlled by them

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