Renewing Life - Becoming a Facilitator

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Renewing Life™ Facilitator.  Our Facilitators are an essential part of Renewing Life’s creative healing spirit.  Please take some time to read through the description of steps needed to join the Facilitator community.

Steps to Becoming a Renewing Life Facilitator:

  1. Attend a 9-week Renewing Life™ Group as a participant
  2. Complete the Renewing Life™ Facilitator Application Form (Download Form Here). A staff member will review completed applications and conduct an intake interview
  3. Register and attend the Support Group Facilitator Training class
  4. Complete Background Check
  5. Complete the Renewing Life™ Apprenticeship program including co-facilitating one Renewing Life™ session with an assigned certified Facilitator
  6. Complete all homework including reading and written assignments
  7. Meet with (on phone or in person) the lead trainer to discuss homework and to review skills/knowledge assessment provided by assigned Facilitator
  8. Final approval and credentialing by Renewing Life™ and Pathways

The Power of Renewing Life: Renewing Life™ is a unique approach that combines the best of emotional support groups and educational programs offering a variety of healing techniques enabling participants to discover what assists them in their healing journey. As a Facilitator, you have an opportunity to model, support, and encourage participants to view illness as an opportunity for spiritual and emotional growth.  It’s a transformative experience! We look forward to talking more with you and supporting you on your journey to become a Facilitator.

Again, thank you for your interest in becoming a Renewing Life™ Facilitator.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions - 612-822-9061.

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